Manatee County Sheriff's Office (Emergency/Crime in Progress):  911
   Manatee County Sheriff's Office (Non-Emergency): 941-747-3011 (stay on line for dispatcher)
   Roving  Patrol: 941-549-9637                                                                        
   Neighborhood Watch Chairperson: Jerry Janowich 443-244-2667,

  Stoneybrook Recreation Center:  941-750-9688
  Stoneybrook After Hours for EMERGENCY ONLY:  941-750-8601 
   FPL (to report malfunctioning street lights):  941-917-0708
Manatee County Sheriff's Office Website:

CDD South Property Manager's email:

Roving Patrol
The roving patrol service is provided through the Heritage Harbour Master
Association.  The patrol makes the rounds throught out Heritage Harbour in Stoneybrook, River Strand and Lighthouse Cove from 6pm to 6am, 7 nights a week.  We strive to keep our community safe.

Community Access
Stoneybrook is a gated community and utilizes a community access directory system. This is a call box listing all residents alphabetically. Visitors and Vendors scroll through the list and press the numeric code on the keypad that appears next to the resident's name. This rings directly to the phone number of the resident and protects their private phone numbers.  Listing on the directory and purchasing gate credentials is done upon arrival to the community at registration time in the rec center office.


As we approach the summer holidays please remember that the use of fireworks has been a legitimate concerns of residents, posing a risk of both a fire hazard as well as physical injury.  Florida law prohibits the sale and use of fireworks.  Our governing documents also provide a mechanism for the imposition of fines for such violations.