Stoneybrook at Heritage Harbour Community Association, Inc.

Stoneybrook presently has 947 residences. All homeowners in Stoneybrook are members of the Stoneybrook Community Association. The Stoneybrook Association is responsible for the community's front and rear entrance and exit gates, landscaping, recreation campus (including the rec center building, pools, in-line skating rink, beach volleyball courts, picnic areas, play area, basketball and tennis courts), and enforcement of the Stoneybrook and Heritage Harbour Master Association covenants (within the Stoneybrook community).

The community's on site staff can be reached at 941-750-9688,
Fax: 941-750-9363. 
Property Manager:
Administrative Assistant:

 The office is located in the
Recreation Center at 200 Golden Harbour Trail.

Fairway Greens I
Consists of 40 villas. This association within the gates of Stoneybrook is managed by Casey Management.
John Bittar

Fairway Greens II & IV
Consists of 42 villas. This association within the gates of Stoneybrook is managed by Casey Management.
Contact: John Bittar

Fairway Green III
Consists of 30 villas. This association within the gates of Stoneybrook is managed by Casey Management.

Contact: John Bittar

The Coach Homes

Consists of 36 homes. This association within the gates of Stoneybrook is managed by Casey Management. 
John Bittar

Stone Harbour I, II, III
Consists of 120 condos. These associations within the gates of Stoneybrook are managed by C&S Management.
Contact: Nicole Grier
941-758-9454 ext.131


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Heritage Harbour Master Association

The Heritage Harbour Master Association oversees the Roving Patrol (Alert Protective Services) contract. It is responsible for maintaining the Common Areas (lakes, roads, preserves, street lighting and irrigation) of Heritage Harbour outside of the various Community Associations (Stoneybrook, River Strand, Lighthouse Cove, Yacht Club and Heritage Harbour Market Place). This area is approximately 440 acres and includes areas such as Central Park, athletic fields, and Heritage Harbour's Main Entrance Waterfalls.
Contact Lee Weiss 941-747-7261

Heritage Harbour South Community Development District
(CDD South) is a government district that was established by Manatee County in 2001 under Florida Statue Chapter 190. The CDD South base includes all of Stoneybrook, Stoneybrook Golf Course, Lighthouse Cove, a commercial parcel, and the large athletic fields that are located between Stoneybrook and Lighthouse Cove. This includes an area of approximately 980 acres and contains all of the wilderness areas, storm retention ponds, roads, street lighting and irrigation systems which are all part of the total community.The CDD is managed by Rizzetta and Company Inc.
3434 Colwell ave
Suite 200, Tampa, FL 33614
Contact: Greg Cox

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